Wednesday, March 7


if I have a running tally of how many times you turn around to check us out in one hour then it's time to 

2. Do something about it 
3. or MOVE ON!! 

PS: it was about 10 times, and some of them were LINGERING looks. 

so obvious and awkward. gag. 

Tuesday, February 21

Self Inflicted Misery

Dear Gentlemen of the world,

Please do not deny yourself the opportunity for a girl to decide how she feels about you.
How will she ever decide if you are the man of her dreams if you never ask her out?
Just stating the obvious.

Thank You. 

After a long conversation with a good friend tonight he finally admitted that he is really interested in this girl, but after their first date he decided she is too good for him and would never like him.  Yes, he decided how she feels about him. He didn't even give her the chance to actually like him! He was too afraid of rejection to let her reject him or not. 

After pointing out the obvious: that even if he does ask her out again and she says no, then he is in the exact same place as he is right now: I finally convinced him to ask her out again. 

I'll keep tabs on how this goes. 
Cross your fingers for this poor boy, that he will be a man and ask her out!!

Tuesday, February 14


Some may call it DOOMS day, or SINGLE AWARENESS DAY! 

But guess what ladies, just because you don't have a man to love doesn't mean you can't show love to the most important person in your life right now!!


Go indulge in your favorite treat, get all dolled up for no one else but yourself--or don't get ready at all!! This is your day as much as anyone elses!! 

BUT don't forget that just as much as you would love it someone went out of their way today to notice you, don't let the day pass without telling all those amazing people in your life that you LOVE them!!! 

Happy Day of Love! 

Tuesday, January 31


You want to spend all day with me? 


Because that's all I want too...

Wednesday, January 25

My new crush

Hello HONEY~

There is more than one reason that I love soccer.... the number #1 reason is Mr. Joe Hart.  I may or may not be watching more of Manchester City's games now.

Lovin' this eye candy!!!

Wednesday, January 18


Nothing makes me feel quite as insecure as when I put my heart out on the line.

I scrutinize every little imperfection, trying to see what he might not like.

This is not healthy... and might just be killing me.


Oh, if I could only read minds!